Welcome to my page where I mostly share pictures of me and sometimes my catfriends 🐈 I am of the breed maine coon, “the gentle giant”. I am from Norway, (N) Spellbound’s but I live in the middle of Sweden. I am 3 years old and weighs just over 10 kg. I have a light small voice and I`m gentle in my way. Calm and kind, love my family. Like sleeping on the balcony or on the backrest on the couch. Likes to experience nature and animals. We are all indoorcats, but we sometimes follow our family on adventure in the nature in harness or to our cabin, but we are never alone outside. Here you can follow our lives.

4 thoughts on “Lotus”

  1. I love the pics. Your cats are so majestic looking. ❤️ I have a Maine Coon Siamese mix. He is 17 pounds because he is a little chubby.

  2. I didn’t know Maine Coon cats could be so big! The most beautiful creatures on the planet. I adore all cats, all animals – but especially cats. He must be the loveliest boy.

  3. Hi Lotus! You are the most clever cat I’ve seen . I have a mainecoon/Burmese creature Sasha who is pretty smart but he can’t type for the life of him. Sasha lives with us in California. Like you, he is large and red haired. We have lots of coyotes around, so he never gets to go out. He still loves to catch toys, straws, and small objects, all of which he buries under the living room Persian rug. We loved your pictures and will be visiting again to check on your adventures!
    Best wishes from sunny San Diego!

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