Welcome to my page where I mostly share pictures of me and sometimes my catfriends 🐈 I am of the breed maine coon, “the gentle giant”. I am from Norway, (N) Spellbound’s but I live in the middle of Sweden. I am 3 years old and weighs just over 10 kg. I have a light small voice and I`m gentle in my way. Calm and kind, love my family. Like sleeping on the balcony or on the backrest on the couch. Likes to experience nature and animals. We are all indoorcats, but we sometimes follow our family on adventure in the nature in harness or to our cabin, but we are never alone outside. Here you can follow our lives.

Lady Marion

My name is Lady Marion and comes from Sweden, S * Gallokattten’s and I live in the middle of Sweden. I am 6 years old. I love to sleep with my little owner, talk to the family and be in the nature. Like water, so I use to play with it or to put my paw into the water and drink. I love my brother Chivaz (we have the same parents) and I use to sleep close to him. Good at catching things! I´m a real Lady 😊


My namne is Chivaz and I’m the king of the family! Have an energy and aura that everyone loves and falls for. I know who I am and do not back for anyone or anything. I’m the kindest, I´m even friends with the mices. I’m like the others maine coon and come from Sweden, S * Gallokatten’s and live in the middle of Sweden. I am 9 years old and weighs about 10 kg, like Lotus. Unfortunately, I have had to operate a cornertooth, which sometimes makes me look strange in my lip. Some people think it looks like I am using snuff 😊💚